On July 12th Community Garden leaders went to Black Crek Pioneer Village to have a look at the amazing work they’ve done with their garden. Photos by Ray Xhakolli

DSC07343 DSC07246 DSC07247 DSC07248 DSC07249 DSC07250 DSC07251 DSC07252 DSC07253 DSC07254 DSC07255 DSC07256 DSC07257 DSC07258 DSC07259 DSC07260 DSC07261 DSC07262 DSC07263 DSC07264 DSC07265 DSC07266 DSC07267 DSC07268 DSC07269 DSC07270 DSC07271 DSC07272 DSC07273 DSC07274 DSC07275 DSC07276 DSC07277 DSC07278 DSC07279 DSC07280 DSC07281 DSC07282 DSC07283 DSC07284 DSC07285 DSC07286 DSC07287 DSC07288 DSC07289 DSC07290 DSC07291 DSC07292 DSC07293 DSC07294 DSC07295 DSC07296 DSC07297 DSC07298 DSC07299 DSC07300 DSC07301 DSC07302 DSC07303 DSC07304 DSC07305 DSC07306 DSC07307 DSC07308 DSC07309 DSC07310 DSC07311 DSC07312 DSC07313 DSC07314 DSC07315 DSC07316 DSC07317 DSC07318 DSC07319 DSC07320 DSC07321 DSC07322 DSC07323 DSC07324 DSC07325 DSC07326 DSC07327 DSC07328 DSC07329 DSC07330 DSC07331 DSC07332 DSC07333 DSC07334 DSC07335 DSC07336 DSC07337 DSC07338 DSC07339 DSC07340 DSC07341 DSC07342


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