All about fruit trees:
Vegetable gardening and tips on succession planting:

Our neighbour and community centre, the Oriole Food Space

How Urban greening deters crime:

An exciting initiative to create a park around Toronto’s lost Garrison Creek
The sign-up page for the free Canadian Gardening e-newsletter
Plant native flowers to attract pollinators:
A great site about gardening with a focus on native plants, birds and our friends the pollinators
Some local independent businesses that sell plants
Threats to food security:
Getting the springtime buzz on bees (audio):
Spring freeze

Another gardening blog with a great gardening resource manual.

Seedy Saturdays, a regular event that let’s people share and obtain planting seeds you won’t find at stores
Their monthly ebulletin

Forward Food, a Toronto initiative to improve life in the city through food.

Toronto City Councillor for our ward

Toronto’s Green Initative

The Working Women Community Centre is having a training course called Engaging Girls Changing Communities for six weeks beginning February 20, 2013. Check out their flyer or visit their site.

An article about connecting kids with nature and the lesson plan from Suzuki Foundation
Suzuki Foundation and teachers make connecting kids with nature part of the lesson plan
The Suzuki Foundation study plan

A group of people helping other Torontonians make the most of our parks

A history of our community

One of the many great community gardens in Toronto

Interview with Diana Balmori about landscape architecture

Square foot Gardening

All you want to know about Growing tomatoes 

Garden Bed Planning 
Comprehensive gardening video
Permaculture gardening – Interview with Bill Mollison

Vandhana Shiva- Interview – The Future of Food (3 parts)
1.     2.     3.


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