Welcome to the first gardening season of Dallington Pollinators! We are a small group of neighbours and community members who got together to build the community garden with the support of our Councillor, Shelley Carroll, local agencies and a grant from Walmart-Evergreen green grants program. Our focus is to build a community hub where we engage area residents, seniors and youth to participate in community gardening and gardening education. If you have any questions about this information, please call Wendy at 647-340-2647.

Plots: The garden is divided into three sections, the children’s garden, native plants garden and community garden. The community garden has communal plots where everyone from the community is welcome to work together cooperatively and collaboratively.

Land: We do not own the land. It belongs to the City of Toronto and we have permission to use the land for community building purposes.

No herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilisers allowed: We will be following organic and sustainable principles of gardening. Our goal is to create a healthy soil and environment by growing cover crops, using compost and mulch and by using crop rotation methods of growing plants.

Weeds and trash: We are required by the city to keep the garden area neat, tidy and free of weeds. Volunteers will be expected to help in the clean-up, upkeep and general maintenance of the garden.

Water use and mulch: There are three water outlets and these will be locked away when not in use. We encourage using water wisely when working in the garden. If you notice any leakages, please report to the Volunteer Leader. Mulch is used along the paths and will also be used on the vegetable beds to help in water conservation. In the near future, we plan on building a water-harvesting system to help us conserve even more water.

Cooperation and community: Cooperation is extremely important to build a great community project. We do expect all the members to be courteous and respectful to each other. Disrespectful behaviour and abusive language will not be tolerated and can result in the immediate loss of all garden privileges.

Please remember that the care and garden maintenance is the

collective responsibility of all community gardeners!




Community Garden Rules and Gardener’s Responsibilities

Each gardener must understand and agree to the following rules and responsibilities before gardening with Dallington Pollinators community garden.

  1. New gardeners must attend an Orientation session in spring. Returning gardeners will be encouraged to attend the session as well.
  2. Gardeners will help in maintaining garden plots by weeding, watering and removing trash regularly.
  3. Gardeners are responsible for planting, cultivating and maintaining garden plots.
  4. Gardeners are responsible for assisting with the maintenance of the common areas as well.
  5. At the end of gardening season, gardeners will be expected to help in clearing out the garden and to put the garden to bed.
  6. Gardeners will not be allowed to use any chemical fertilisers, weed killers or pesticides.
  7. Disrespectful behaviour and abusive language will not be accepted and will lead to the immediate loss of all gardening privileges.
  8. The harvest will be shared among the gardeners working in the garden and community members. Whenever possible, a portion will be donated to the food bank at Oriole Foodspace.

Dallington Pollinator garden’s responsibilities

– Administer the community garden program.

– Register gardeners.

– Provide tools, technical assistance and skills training when possible at the garden.

– Maintain the water outlets and overall administration of each section of the garden.

– Dallington Pollinators community garden reserves the right to make changes or exceptions to policies where and when appropriate.



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