Interested in graphic design?

There is an opportunity to hone your skills. We are looking for someone to work on the November issue of the garden newsletter. The due date for submission of the newsletter would be 15th October, 2014. The draft for the newsletter should be submitted a week prior to that. The existing template can be used or you can come up with a new design. In case of a new design outline, the draft for the newsletter would need to be submitted by the first week of October for consideration.
The newsletter must contain the following:
1. Opening message from the garden coordinators
2. At least 2 articles related to or about gardening
3. Updates about the garden
4. Pictures to go with the garden related articles
5. Contact information and DP wishlist
6. Some trivia or interesting gardening tips
7. Should be at least 3 pages and maximum 4 pages
If anyone is interested in taking up the task, please let us know by Tuesday, 15th July, 2014. Please e-mail us and address it to Mahnaz Ghalib or Mika Nonoyama

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