Some special moments by students at Dallington Public school

Grade 3 students at Dallington Public School have sent us very special comments about the ceremony. Here are the extracts from some of the letters:
“We learned so much about Wildlife at the Wildlife table. The best part was the garlic planting. I learned that we planted the music garlic. It was from a part of Italy. It has a long stick on the top. My experience was dirty (from the dirt), garlic smelling (from the garlic) and itchy (from the hay). It was the happiest day ever.”
“I had a great time. I won a water bottle at the question table. My question was what are the main contents in milk and milk products? M y answer was calcium, protein, Vitamin A and vitamin B. When we were planting garlic I used a pitch fork. I dug a lot. It was tiring but fun. We put the stems (dug up cover crops) in a wheel barrow. The stems will be turned into compost. We planted cloves of garlic. We saw so many worms. I had lots of fun.”

“I had to pull out the radishes. The radishes were enormous! My head had four cloves. After the radishes we started digging with a shovel and saw lots of worms. Sometimes when I see a worm that is digging, I try to pull it out but if the worm would not get out I have to shovel the worm out. Also, we put hay on top of the garlic. Some people did not share the hay but that was fine with me. We covered up the garlic. We were careful not to step on the garlic. Now I learnt to plant garlic.”


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