Ground-breaking ceremony

Dallington Pollinators Community Garden celebrated held a Ground-breaking ceremony on October 18, 2013. It was really good to see our supporters, friends and donors at this event. Our special guest, Councillor Shelley Carroll, spoke to the school children about the great opportunity that they have to give back to the community and to be active members of a special group of pollinators. Ashlee Cooper from Evergreen Brickworks might end up leading a horde of farmers as all the children present at the event envisioned themselves growing food and taking care of the local food system. Tammy Yuen from Park People, emphasised the importance of parks and of community participation in keeping park systems healthy and active.

Children from Dallington School added a special touch to the celebration by taking an active role in hosting the event and by lending their voice to the occasion. Yes, that’s right the Dallington choir had prepared a special song for the event and according to an attendee, “they sounded like angels”. For sure they did, especially against a backdrop of beautiful, out of season sunny weather.

Our supporters and donors:

  • Councillor Shelley Carroll
  • Dallington Public School
  • Toronto Parks & Rec
  • Park People
  • Walmart-Evergreen green grants
  • Flemingdon Health Centre
  • Oriole Food Space
  • Shoppers Drug Mart – donation
  • Starbucks Coffee Company Fairview branch – donation

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