Overview of the February 27, 2013 meeting

The second community consultation meeting of the Dallington Pollinator’s proposed community garden was held on 27th February 2013. It was hosted by Councillor Shelley Carroll and facilitated by Anna Hill of Park People.
The agenda of the meeting was as follows:
1.      Introduction and History of the garden
2.      Design of the garden
3.       Management of the garden
4.      Break-out sessions
5.      Questions and answer session
Following the consultation meeting, the participants expressed some concerns about the project. These concerns have been noted and we will try our best to address them throughout the gardening year. It’s important to note that the final outcome of the project, during the trial year, will be dependent on community participation and engagement.
For the convenience of those who were unable to attend the meeting, attached please scroll to the next post for the series of concerns that were highlighted along with some plausible solutions that came up during the meeting. If you would like to add your feedback or have some particular concern which you feel has not been addressed, please feel free to reach us at: info@dallingtonpollinators.com by 27th April 2013.
Thank you.
On behalf of the Dallington Pollinator’s Steering Committee

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